We offer sales and services of ICT-based products ranging from Access Control systems,Automation Systems,Security Systems,Safety Systems,Metal Detection System,Communication systems,Business Solution Systems,Parking Management systems,Rfid systems,Renewable Energy and Software Solutions.


Our staffs are always available to help install all your ICT-based products at any location in all parts of the country.


We also serve as consultants for all your needs.

Our service systems

Automation systems

With our Automatic sliding doors, Gate Automation, Revolving door, Dock Leveler and Rolling shutter doors, your home and business can be easily and cleverly automated

Safety systems

We are Safety connoisseur for high-risk and challenging territory in the areas of Life Safety, Fire Alarm, PPE Safety Wears of all Kinds, high-risk Warning Signs.Our products are used to avoid unsafe state that bring about disastrous  occurrence

Communication systems

With our wireless intercom, and related  products there will surely be no breakdown in communications between managers and employees within a business, or between the business itself and outsiders.

Security systems

We are top-notch security systems experts, providing stylish security solutions to homes, businesses, government and public sector within the shore of Nigeria and most African countries.

RFID systems

We are your last bus stop in all your Radio Frequency indentification need(RFID).We are expert in RFID installations such as:RFID Hotel Lock system,RFID  Access control system,RFID Asset tracking,RFID files tracking,RFID Vehicle Tracking and more.



Residential Areas:

Public security is of vital concern around residential areas such as apartment complexes and housing estates. With our Perimeter Fencing, IP/AHD Surveillance CCTV, Fire alarm system,Solar inverter and Burglar Alarm Systems serving a major role. End Users can secure, watch and automate their home and around for their personal security, safety and operational needs from anywhere in the world.

Hotels/Motel/Guest houses:
With our RFID Hotel card lock systems,Elevator/Escalator,Parking management system,Automated doors and gates,Parking lights,Hotel Pos,Fire Alarm system,CCTV,Electric perimeter fencing,your hotel will stands out as the epitome of excellence.You can automate ,secure and remotely control your hotel anywhere around the globe.



Surveillance is required over wide range in areas and must deliver evident standard video in city centers. Regional security,automation and communication are of paramount importance to the Police Department, who requires TESO TECH intelligent supervision solutions to watch,automate and to ensure public security and enable quick emergency response.

Government Lodge:

Government organizations need optimal Security,automation and Safety Solutions for their citizens. We work keenly with Government firms to render them with workable, top-quality solutions like City Surveillance, Visitor Management System, Solar Traffic Light, Solar Street Light, Surveillance and Access Control System for Government Houses and Government Properties.

Commercial and Industrial:

The elasticity and compatibility of Teso tech systems are well designed for industrial and commercial demand. We have a wide range of ICT-based products for commercial and industrial uses spanning across Person/Vehicular Access Control,Elevator/Escalator,RFID systems Fire and Safety Protection Systems, Staff Time Attendance System, Perimeter Fencing, and operational surveillance for both security and operational productivity.

Oil & Gas/Petro Chemicals:

The security problem facing Pipelines, petrochemical sites and Oil & Gas Stations are many and intricate. The essential tool to manage health and safety, monitor incidents, protect assets, detect theft and combat terrorism in Petrochemical sites, is an aggressive wide supervisions system because this areas highly volatile environments.We render petroleum products tracking and fuel monitoring services.

Aviation and Airports:

Airports Authorities and Aviation can utilize TESO tech  security,automation and RFID Systems products such as Luggage Scanners, Electric perimeter fencing,CCTV, Walk-through Metal Detectors, Automatic Door and gate Systems, Fire Alarm,Safety Management products and many more for their everyday operations.

Police and Prisons:

Teso tech security and RFID systems can transform how Police and Prisons coordinate their operations and deliver to them quick video survey and better incident response such as taking note of interviews with prospective offenders, and for monitoring holding and custody cells.We also provide Body worn cam for the various security apparatus.


Ports are unavoidably vulnerable to potential ‘gaps’ in security being scatter out over extended areas, Analog CCTV becomes  cost-prohibitive over broader and vast areas, whereas IP takes small account of distance and can be position obviously over wireless links. IP is also exceptionally cost effective for surveillance from multiple spot, and for swift camera deployment and reconfiguration of the system as operational needs grow.Our products like Dock-leveller,RFID systems,Access control,automated doors/gates,Revolving doors,Turnstile systems

Retail Businesses/Organization’s/NGOs:

Our products are manufactured to be used by fast Food Restaurants,Gas plants,Hotels many Retail Businesses, Organizations and NGOs that have numerous locations in various cities across the country or around world. We provide Security and protection for staff and customers from major retail brands to small shopping malls.


We render Hospital Management Software. Many Hospital CCTV surveillance systems can be remodeled to IP Video solutions and have advantage from the quick installation and least disruption to their day to day activities. An important analysis for any healthcare environment such as authorizing all the sites to be cardinally monitored from the Central Hospital.We offer other ICT-based products such as ;Elevators,Revolving doors,Automated doors,RFID file tracking for effective hospital operations.


Teso tech renders numerous Security and Automation products for Hostels and Hospitality industries in Nigeria such as Automatic Sliding Door, Hotel Card Locks, Hotel Management Software, CCTV Cameras, Staff Time Attendance unit, Fire Alarm System /Smoke Detection, Entrance Barrier Access Control, Point of Sale System, Wireless Intercom and so many more.


Financial Institutions and Banks can utilize TESO TECH IT-Based products such as :Man trap security doors,Automated doors Access control systems,RFID systems to watch,manage and secure thousands of  people going in and out of headquarters and branches facilities every day at the same time from one or multiple locations.



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