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A public address or “pa” system is an electronic amplification system with a mixer, amplifier and loudspeakers, used to reinforce a given sound, e.g., a person making a speech, prerecorded music, or message, and distributing the sound throughout a venue. pa systems are often used in venues such as school churches, in institutional and commercial buildings, to read announcements or declare states of emergency. Intercom systems, which are often used in schools, also have microphones in each room so that the occupants can reply to the central office.

Simple pa systems are often used in small venues such as school auditoriums, churches, and small bars. pa systems with many speakers are widely used to make announcements in public, institutional and commercial buildings and locations, such as schools, stadiums and large passenger vessels and aircraft. Intercom systems, installed in many buildings, have both speakers throughout a building, and microphones in many rooms allowing the occupants to respond to announcements.

Sound reinforcement systems and pa systems may use some similar components, but with differing application, although the distinction between the two terms is not clear-cut. Sound reinforcement systems are for live music or performance, whereas pa systems are primarily for reproduction of speech

Public address system and conference systems with power amplifiers, speakers, microphones (wired and wireless), mixing consoles, signal processors and other accessories are chosen to provide sound reinforcement for various applications. Teso Tech design and develop the sound reinforcement system for installation in commercial complexes, schools, conference halls, auditorium, sports stadium, places of worship, etc.

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