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A wireless intercom is a telecommunications device that enables voice communication without the need to run copper wires between intercom stations. A wired intercom system may incorporate wireless elements.

There are many types of wireless intercom systems on the market. Most wireless intercom systems communicate by radio waves using one of the frequencies allotted by various government agencies. Some wireless intercom systems communicate using the 802.11 standard.[1] There are also systems that advertise themselves as wireless, but communicate over existing building AC electrical wiring

Wired vs. Wireless

One reason to use a wireless intercom system is that the cost of retrofitting a building for a wired intercom system is high. Another reason is the increased portability of a wireless system. With battery-powered radio frequency wireless intercom units, a person can carry a station as they walk around.

Product parameters:

Name: Wireless Intercom System

Cable length:1.1m

Input voltage:AC110 / 220V

Powered by:DC5V /Lithium battery3.7-4.2V

Connection mode:2.4GhzWireless connection

Working current:70mA

Standby current:6.5mA

Frequency Response:300-3000Hz

Transmitting power: <20dBM

Sensitivity: <-100

Communication distance:>500m(Open area)

Support 100 pieces call each other


1 Single-family houses or apartment

2, Villa with Courtyard

3, Residential units and organs office

4, Hotels and hostels

5Hospitals and clinics

6, Supermarkets and school office


1Using2.4G ISMPublic Frequency:2402-2479MHz

2Air transfer rate:250K

3, Transmit power:<20dBm(The<100MW), Receiver sensitivity:<-100

4,AFHAdaptive frequency hopping technology, super anti-jamming capability, can be shared with wireless LAN and Bluetooth devices2.4GBand.

5, Panels and10Numeric keys, call keys and two LEDs: Power LED (red) and the operation indicator (green)

6With coding, to code,IDSetting function.

7,AC 110 / 220VOr lithium-ion battery, standby current: Current6.5mA, Working current:70MA.

8, Communication distance:>500Meters of open land.

9.4GHz wireless intercom in 300m system

10 Backup lithium battery

11 Simple to installation

12 Easy to use

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