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TESO Tech Tire killer barricades are a simple to install highly secure vehicle control barrier, ideally suited for approach entrances to banks, military installations, airports, docks, cash collection depots, government offices etc.

Tire killers teeth retract below ground level when a signal is received from the push button or integrated access control unit providing safe access for authorized vehicles. When the vehicle has passed, the tire killers teeth return to the active position, ensuring total protection from unauthorized vehicle intrusion. Tire Killer Barricades (Spike Barriers)

Tire killer barricades may be used with any type of access control system.

We recommend that tire killer barricades are used in conjunction with a drop arm gate or barrier and an underground inductive detector loop to act as a safety device to prevent the tire killer barricade operating when an authorized vehicle is stationary over the teeth.Tire Killer Barricades or Spike Barriers

The tire killer barricade comes with a push-button control as standard, however it can be customized to interface with a wide range of access control equipment to suit specific customer requirements. Available configurations include (but are not limited to) inductive loop systems, card readers, communication equipment and manned guard panic systems can be accommodated.

Where the Tire Killer Barricade control point is remote from the installation, we strongly recommend the fitting of a recordable CCTV system, traffic lights and safety inductive loop systems.


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