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TESO Tech RFID ticket parking management solution

Enhances security and management and saves time in providing a hassle free and convenient parking

Our parking management system is a Luxury series Parking Management System for managing high-grade pay-to-park facilities with high traffic flow, for both occasional and registered parkers. This system automatically dispenses card for occasional parkers, and registered parkers get access and leave by self-service swiping their cards on Entry Station & Exit Station respectively, or enter and leave without stop if tag on window shield is read by long range reader. It is ideal solution for parking lots of high grade premises such as shopping center, exhibition center, hospitals, airports etc

Characteristics of our RFID Ticket Parking Management system

Heavy duty, well finished IP54 cabinet in luxury design

The parking system`s cabinet adopts 2mm precise machining cold-rolled plate, conformed to the IP54 dustproof and waterproof. Luxury design also decorates your premises

Unmanned Entry

Unmanned entry helps you reduce labor cost. The car parking system automatically dispenses proximity card to occasional parkers, and registered parkers get access by self-service swiping their proximity cards on Entry Station, or enter without stop if tag on windshield is read by long range RFID reader.Charge Occasional Parkers by Manual-pay-station When leaving, occasional parkers come to the manual-pay-station and give card to guard, and the guard swipe the card onto the card reader built-in Manual-pay-station to collect cash. The charging data will be displayed and stored in Manual-pay-station.

Charge Registered Parkers by Self-service Exit Station

Registered parkers leave by self-service swiping their proximity card on Exit Station, or leave w/o stop if tag on windshield is read by long range RFID reader, this reduces your labor cost.

Manual-pay-station, Entry Station, Exit Station and PC Work Separately

Manual-pay-station, Entry Station and Exit Station separately work fine without connecting to a PC. The data stored in Manual-pay-station, Entry Station and Exit Station will be automatically uploaded to a computer if connected.

Unique Technology of Detecting Unpaid Vehicle

The parking system automatically records cars coming or leaving without reading cards or without paying.


User-friendly 7 inch TFT LCD and Voice Prompt

The entry & exit station is equipped with 7 inch true color TFT LCD screen on which detailed operation and system info. are simply and friendly shown.Voice Prompt gives a warm-hearted welcome and operation guide to parker


Capture Driver`s face (optional)

When vehicle leaves at the exit, two face pictures respectively taken at the entry and exit will be shown together side by side on the screen for comparison to ensure the safety of parking.


Idiot proof Software with Multi-function

The car parking system software provides the operators with idiot proof and user-friendly interface, and practical multi functions


Customize Charging Standards

The parking management system provides six different categories of customized charging standards for option


Intelligent Barrier

The digital barrier adopts 70w integrated decelerating torque motor and intelligent control unit. It integrates pressure wave resistance-rebound, loop detector / infrared triple anti-collision and anti-collision rubber pole to ensure the safety of vehicles coming in or out.


Car Parking System Components

Entry Barrier, Exit Barrier

As one part of parking management system, barrier gate stops unauthorized parkers entering your premises, or giving access to authorized parkers.

RFID/Ticket Parking access control system is applied to parking lot with a lot of visitors. The cost of bar code ticket is cheap, and can dispense up to 1000pcs of bar code ticket for one refill. The visitor presses the button to get a bar code ticket/card, then before leaving, visitor passes the bar code ticket/card to the toll collector for scanning. After scanning, the parking fee is shown on the computer. After payment, the visitor is allowed to leave.

TESO Tech offers a reliable range of automated access control systems tailored to car park application. The integrated solutions include ticket systems, swipe cards, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) or Bluetooth card parking system. A well designed car parking system can be a successful revenue generator.

The Benefits

Non-stop, hands-free operation

Reduced traffic backup at entrances and exits

Increased personal security

Discreet control of security authorisation by identification

Low maintenance and repair costs

No ticket-issuing machines

No equipment in the lane that can be damaged by vehicles

Tags have a life of many years unless damaged – cannot be lost or wear out

Automated operation of remote or unmanned gates

Convenient access for the disabled

Automatic vehicle inventory monitoring

Automated fee collection

Intelligent access control, e.g. only certain vehicles can enter after hours

Optional Wiegand output from reader.

Low cost solution for benefit both the vehicle owner and car park operator/owner

Simple operation, all the procedures are with LED display and voice prompt

User can get the ticket only when there is a car, one ticket for one car

With the manage printing button, the administrator can make the printing test

Alarm indication for No paper or few paper

With the identify code, which can be used to distinguish from other parking area

Printed ticket with entry time, which is for the temporary users and to avoid reusing.

System software with multi settings and testing functions, which is very convenient to use

Communication method with 10MB/100MB Ethernet or RS485 network

With corresponding settings, the system supports offline work

With indicating light to show working status

Content of LED display and tickets can be modified freely

Manual/software add & delete cards for VIP or monthly user, check users information

Card user capacity: 4095

One card for one car, card number corresponds to vehicle’s number. When reading card in the entrance, LED display shows corresponding vehicle’s number

Temporary users press the button to take tickets in the entrance, then scan tickets and pay money at exit

VIP or monthly or long-term user go through both entrance and exit by reading card.

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