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The queue management system is a solution, with which the efficiency, the quality and sales productivity of a customer services can be increased.



reduced waiting times

reduced administration times

increased number of daily transactions

increased staff efficiency

increased customer satisfaction

reduced stress level and number of conflicts

increased sales and cross-sales

increased staff motivation

increased customer loyalty

increased revenue and cost effectiveness


more than just a queue buster


managers on every level have access to various real-time or near-time statistics:

– about employees

– about customers

– about sales and workforce efficiency

as a result can take immediate actions and are able to make strategical decisions in sales/marketing/hr/finances/investments.


Benefits of the managers

on-line monitoring of every event and workforce, anytime and anywhere

more channels for sales and cross-sales

efficiency continuously measured, evaluated

various statistics related to almost every aspect of the business

better decisions based on reliable and accurate data, better strategy planning and success rate



banks, building societies

insurance companies

telecommunication companies

tax, custom and revenue offices

public utility companies

post offices

embassies, consulates

governmental institutions

malls, supermarkets

healthcare institutions

educational institutions conference and sport centers

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