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The computer control system (CCS) represents a hardware-software complex for control over equipment of filling stations, retail sale of petroleum products, management of petroleum products and sale of complementary goods. The need of the minimization of the labor of operator of the filling station, simplification of work of a management of filling station, elimination of fraud possibilities are the main reasons for creation of the system.

Control System of Filling Stations, User Interface

Allows to check the condition of the fuel delivery dispensers, reservoirs, equipment.

Thanks to flexibility of adjustments, it is possible to group a desktop in “tabular” style where each fuel delivery dispenser is presented in the form of a separate line or column

Each user of System has a separate record in a database (protected by a key). A record contains a surname, a name, a patronymic, the password, and also access rights. Access rights consist of combinations of permissions:

  • Permission to sale fuel
  • Permission to sale complementary goods
  • Permission to register incoming fuel and complementary goods
  • Permission to install counters of fuel delivery dispensers
  • Permission to change prices
  • Permission to configure the system

The system conducts the protocol of work in which actions of the operator, events, malfunctions, failures of the equipment are recorded and timed.

System supports the “shift operating mode”. This means that at the start of a shift the operator must perform action of “opening the shift”, and at the end of the work – “closing shift”.

In the process of work the operator at any moment of time can obtain information about the sold goods and fuel.

POS system software NaftaPOS is controlling software for petrol stations intended for:


 provision of control over technological processes and forecourt equipment (fuel dispensers, ATGsystems, price boards, car washes, others)

 automated measurement and commercial account at petroleum products

 provision of sales of retails products using various payment forms

 automated reporting over petrol station operation history during a selected period of time

 provision and account of personnel operation of petrol station

 provision of discount-bonus loyalty card system for customers

 remote monitoring over petrol station operation (optional)

 remote reporting over operation of a petrol station network (optional)


Main purposes of NaftaPOS software are:

 make petrol station work efficiently and bring maximum profit to its owner

 reduce the cost of management over the petrol station

 make activity of cashiers and fuel attendants transparent in order to avoid stealing and frauds by personnel of petrol station

 make reporting over petrol station operation easy and convenient

 provide control over fuel dispensers and ATG systems of various brands and models

 provide multiple payment methods and attract more customers with discount-bonus loyalty

 make the owner of petrol station concretely master all operations and transactions by remote

 monitoring of petrol station activity and sales (optional)


Main characteristics of NaftaPOS software are:

 Convenient operation without any professional training because of intuitive, explicit and clear user interface and operations procedures

 Visualization and monitoring of petrol station activity real-time (locally and remotely)

 Flexible adjustment of the way of petrol station operation

 Possibility to customize user interface with selection of a skin, position and size of windows and elements, their details

 Possibility to flexibly create and configure templates for printed receipts

 Easy-to-read reporting and graphic statistic

 Easy localization to any international language

 Remote data gathering from a petrol station provides a possibility for petrol station owner to

 supervise petrol station activity everywhere and every moment (optional)

Area of application – petrol stations for dispensing of petroleum products, diesel fuel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), compressed natural gas (CNG), multi product fuel petrol stations, petroleum storage depots.


NAFTA POS system is developed with account of all modern requirements to systems for automation of petrol stations, at this it is oriented as on small petrol stations, so as on big petrol complexes with organization of several working places of cashiers, administrator (Back-Office) of a petrol station, central


Head-Office for management and planning and provision of loyalty card system for customers.


NaftaPOS system supports:

 various forms of payment

 various modes of control over fuel dispensers (Preset, Full tank, Manual (monitoring))

 control over up to 32 fuel dispensers

 database for up to 100 000 products and services.


Nafta POS software uses MySQL open source relational database management system for storing of all data. Database structure of Nafta POS software is open and its description can be found section “NaftaPOS database structure” in the end of this User Manual.

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