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Development of solar traffic signage has changed the way vehicle drivers approach and obey traffic control signage. With the multiple safety enhanced features of these signs, even the most distracted driver will be drawn to observe and obey them. Solar powered LED signs will enhance any location where they are installed—from a rural intersection, with no available power for traffic control, to a busy local intersection with compliance issues.Demanding traffic signal applications require constant reliability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Replacing incandescent signals with high-efficiency, long-life LED systems from GE facilitates dramatic energy and maintenance cost savings. Keyed to various industry or country-specific standards, our complete line of LED traffic signal balls, arrows and pedestrian signals are designed for both OEM and retrofit applications. Bring an element of beauty, with safety and energy efficiency, to your streets with GE LED traffic signals.

Pedestrian Signals

Walk this way. There’s no room for error when managing pedestrian traffic or synchronizing the movement of people and automobiles.

Features Up to 90% energy efficiency over Incandescent OEM or retrofit use UV stabilized lens & shell ITE and/or Caltrans compliant designs

Solar LED Road, Traffic Signs” which is next generation is contributing to prevent accidents, improving cognition of roads around situation & judgment ability as deliver clear road information to the driver during night time & bad weather.

Overview Solar LED Road Traffic Sign

View decline of Sign due to topographic, seasonal reason through dew condensation & fog etc.

Function decline of Sign which was hardened due to snow, rain, dust etc. acidification

Falling handle & cognition ability of driver due to frequently changing road situation

Quicken road environment, insufficient correct road information to female & old driver

Due to the nature of the road environment, the difficulty of installation and maintenance

Solar LED Traffic Signs presents as alternative which can solve above mentioned problems.

Main Features of LED traffic signs

Fast Technical Maneuver through Domestic Dominant Technology!

Technology -> Realization of “Surface-emitting within lighting Sign” cell method which has different shape from mini up to large type using even during rainy season & winter regardless of number sunless days through technology of power conversion

Economy -> Big expected effect due to reduce a big portion of economic loss regarding with car accident stand-alone POWER System using solar power

Compatibility -> Simple installation, working & convenient A/S because of having compatibility with pillar where it has been installed

Usage -> Ensuring view of accident place, warming sign before danger road LED traffic signs in environment of night time, fog, yellow dust & etc.

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