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We offer a complete range of state-of-the-art electronic hotel locks system that includes magnetic stripe, smart/memory card and RFID (contactless) readers. Every lock can be set up to work with either the stand-alone, windows based or wireless online systems.

Key card locks are the more cost effective and simple alternative to hard wired access control.

Key cards are issued at a central PC or Laptop. The person issuing the key card specifies which doors it will open and for how long. There are no hard wired or wireless connections between the lock and the PC making installation hassle free and eliminating restrictions on where the PC can be located.

The PC is set up in line with the building structure and door layout. Upon installation each lock is then given an identity and the current date and time as per the building structure/door layout. The card is issued at the PC and it is the card itself that holds the access data hence no need for hard wiring.


Basic components (required):

-Computer: used to install  Hotel Key Card lock Management Software, support Windows XP, Win 7, 8 etc.

-Software:  work with a USB card encoder to set locks

-USB card Encoder: program all kinds for hotel stuff and guests, set locks etc.

-Key card: 125 kHz RFID card by default, 13.56 Mhz Mifare 1K card optional

-Lock: installed on the doors

Optional components include:

-Energy Saver: used to control the power in the room, save electricity!

Work with RFID key card, insert card to get the electricity, take out card to cut off power. It is optional.

-Data Collector: used to record opening information

Collect the unlocking records from Hotel Door Lock, you will know who, when and how to open the lock.It is optional.

Room display system: Room display, inside touch switch, doorbell

-Room display: to display room number, hotel name, hotel logo, some functions etc

-Inside touch switch: Work with door display to show function, functions customized

-Doorbell:  to know when there are visitors/cleaner etc.




Convenience: software manages all cards, RFID card to open lock (mechanical key for emergency), record guest information to the software, API allows our software integrated to other hotel management system.


Security: Use software to cancel lost cards or staff cards, unique hidden mechanical key hole design, data collector to record opening history on the lock, false locking alarm to remind close the lock completely.


Intelligence: auto-recognition PCB system, Appointed card to open appointed room, don’t need staff walk guest to the room, just program cards with room number information then guest can open their room.


Diversity: different materials and different appearance for options to meet people’s requirements, types of cards for clients’ options, customized card shape available.


-Stainless and Gold steel panel plus modern style sensor window

-RFID MIFARE® technology,100,000 times write life for keycard, contactless reading keycard

-ANSI mortise

-Built-in buzzer and self-detect light.

-Low Battery Voltage warning(beep and red light)

-Free-engage handle while locking

-Powered by AA battery,easy replace new

-Openings 20,000 times for one new battery pack

-Audit trail records the latest 800 lock transactions.

-Passage mode activate by passage card for meeting case

-Do not disturb(DND) function for hotels:While thumb turn is on from inside,the lock will refuse the keycard outside by show red light

-Panic release function: the deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by inside handle shaking to easy egress when emergency happens

-TESO Technologies Hotel Lock System™ required

-40mm-50mm thickness door

-Each TESO Technologies hotel lock equipped double clock, control the guests check-in and departure time accurately, Make your management of rooms easily.


-Power: LR6 (AA)battery x 4pcs

-Low power alarm voltage:4.8V

-Communication: 13.56MHz RFID(with keycard)/infrared (with LMA or WDR)

-Card support: MIFARE® S50 plus S70

-Working Distance: 45mm Max

-Working Tempreature: 0-60℃

-Working Humidity: 15~85%RH

-Static current: < 30uA

-Working current: < 150mA

-Memory: 800 Transactions include Time/Date/Card ID/Card type/Room ID

-Software: XEEDER Hotel lock system™

-Gross Weight: 3.1KG

-Package: 10pcs/Carton at 74.0X42.0X32.0CM

-Content: Front/Back panel,mortise,cylinder,keyx2,battery-pack,manual/Strike

-(no battery included, no card)


-Guest card: Reception complete program Guest card by give a begin and expiry date for a room(rooms). Guest access room by read this card on lock

-Master card:Hold by housekeeping to access to all rooms of hotels

-Floor card: Hold by clean staff to enter the rooms in one floor.

-Building card: Hold by manager to enter the rooms in one building

-Passage card: Once this card been read on one door, this door could be access by without reading keycard

-Emergency card: Enter the all rooms



With the development of human civilizations and modern cities, the consumption of energy increases.

A lot of energy is wasted every day. It’s urgent and beneficial to savings on Electricity Bills and improves the efficiency of using energy.

The Energy Controlled Unit known as the ECU, is as small and light weight as a light switch on the wall.It is designed to cut off electric energy supply for some or all of the electrical outlets within a room or particular area so when this area is not being utilized, it helps saving power and using less power.

This unit can be installed within a group of rooms, and outdoor living area, or a normal home or office space. the card holder draws out card while leaving the room, power is cut off immediately.


*Adjust lock’s clock

When the hotel lock runs at a wrong clock, it brings trouble for guest because their cards may not unlock the door when the check out date is not reach yet. Housekeeping could adjust locks clock quickly by LMA

*Verify cards

All cards comes from M-EG Technologies Hotel Lock System could be read on LMA to preview what card is it and the related room/floors/buildings. This is very useful verify card way beside the   computer

*Collect lock events

The large memory allows LMA collect 10 doors(800X10)events at one time without needing computer.Housekeeping could easily complete 1 floors all doors checking.


The smaller and mini dimension at 163x75x25mm and 162g(not include battery) offers high portable performance

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