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Facial Recognition system is a computer program that is used for identifying a person automatically. Research on this technology started long time ago. The technology works by using several facial features in a person’s image and comparing these with existing images in the database. Facial recognition systems are used as an additional and mass security measure and are comparable to the other biometric security systems available today such as retina scanners, fingerprint scanners, etc.

The most important factor in Facial Recognition systems is its ability to differentiate between the background and the face. This is very important when the system has to identify a face within a crowd. The system then makes use of a person’s facial features – its peaks, valleys and landmarks – and treats these as nodes that can be measured and compared against those that are stored in the system database. There are approximately 80 nodes comprising the face print that the system makes use of and this includes the jaw line length, eye socket depth and distance between the eyes, cheekbone shape, and the width of the nose.


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